Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I haven't had time to post in several days. Sadly, I'm back to work this week and am not at home hanging out with Kresee.
But I had to type this up real quick before I run and get my sweet boy.

The night before last Kohen was helping Kerry feed the dogs. Kohen likes to fill up their bowls and then set them down and then pick them up after they are finished and then fill them up again for breakfast in the mornings!

Anyways, he opened the pantry door and said "Mommy, you have saltines?"
Kerry: "Did he just say saltines?"
Me: "I don't know, I really wasn't paying attention"
Kohen (while pointing to the cracker box): "Saltines, you have saltines."

The thing is we've always had crackers in there and I guess he's just never really paid attention.

Kerry and I proceed to laugh because we don't say saltines. We call them crackers. In fact, I guess I really don't know anyone who says saltines. So I knew it had to be Mimi, his sweet babysitter. Yesterday I did ask what she calls crackers and she replies "saltines". And then shows me the box to let me know that even the box says saltines. I just laughed because I knew it was her :)

Oh, and my sweet baby girl is 8 weeks old today!! But I'm going to wait until the 5th to post her little 2 month picture.

Friday, April 24, 2009

3 Yr Check-Up & 7 Weeks

We had Kohen's 3 year check-up yesterday with Dr. Yap. Kohen was pretty worried about it Wednesday night when I reminded him we were going the next day. "Do I have to get a shot?" Luckily, I was able to tell him no and that made him feel better. Now, next year is going to be a different story.

He had the best time with Dr. Yap. He loved every minute of it and really was upset that we had to leave. We just love Dr. Yap and Kohen does too.

Sadly, my child lied as soon as Dr. Yap entered the room saying he wears underwear. So, of course, Dr. Yap believes him. They go through the Q & A. It was funny listening to Kohen answer all of his questions.

"Do you like green beans?"
"No, I eat carrots. I like apples too."

"Do you sleep in your own bed?
"Yep, I have a basketball bed from Santa's workshop."

"Do you brush your teeth?"
"Yes, I read a book, drink my milk....." He tells him his nighttime routine which does include brushing his teeth.

Then the real questions began about pottying and accidents. And I had to explain that "Oh, we aren't potty-trained. He just fibbed!" So Dr. Yap thought that was pretty funny. But he did tell Kohen that he should start trying. Yeah right!!

The funniest was when he was listening to Kohen's heart on his chest and back. If you know Dr. Yap you know he constantly says "Uh-huh" in this soothing voice the whole time he's using his stethoscope. So Kohen is just smiling and has this weird look, so Kerry knew it was coming. Kohen proceeds to say "Why do you say Uh-huh all the time?" We all busted out laughing and Dr. Yap commented on how observant he was. It was pretty hilarious.

We didn't make our goal of 30 lbs., but were just 3 oz. shy. He weighed 29 lbs 13 oz. So he gained about 5 1/2 lbs from last year. He was 38 inches long and grew 4 inches from last year. He remains in the 50% for height and actually increased to about the 30% for weight which was great.

And Kresee turned 7 weeks yesterday. I can't wait until she goes to her 2 mos. appointment in 2 weeks just to see how much she weighs. I think she is a little chunk already and has grown way too much in just 7 short weeks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This was taken at Chuck-E-Cheese when Kohen was 14 mos. and Cameron was 18 mos....I told Angela I had to laugh at Cameron's lack of hair!!

This was from this past January. Cameron was 3 yrs old and Kohen was 2 1/2. Now she has lots of hair!! And Kohen no longer has those chubby cheeks!
Cameron's baby sister, Jaylee, came to visit us today. This is her 3rd visit and I have yet to take a picture of the two of them. So I was determined to not forget, so that in a few years we can look back on this picture as well. Jaylee is 5 weeks younger than Kresee and Kresee looks soooo much bigger!!

Tummy Time:)

I really don't do much tummy time...Never did with Kohen because he hated it....I held him so much that he definately got his head and neck strength from just looking around everywhere...But I did try it with Kresee this morning....It lasted maybe 3 minutes!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks Guys!

So here are pictures from his birthday party Saturday at Jump for Joy.....
Maggie and her mommy, Amy
Cameron and Erin in their matching "Big Sisters" shirt....

Charlie liked riding on the car

Zach, Macy, Jaxson and Kohen contemplating on who is going first...Macy decided to seriously do a front flip down it...I think it scared her at first about what she had just done, but she played it off pretty well...It was very funny:)

Kohen's Star Wars cake was such an ordeal...He has wanted a Star Wars cake since Christmas, but I would constantly ask him because I wanted to make sure...He did get on a pirate kick and wanted both Star Wars and Pirates...So for awhile there, I was thinking of doing both...But in the end Darth Vader won, but Kohen was wondering where all the other characters were...So I washed all his little figurines and we stuck them in the cake...He was so excited about the cake I had to keep kicking him out of the room to go and play in the bounce houses...He just wanted to be near the stupid cake!!

Just the three of us...
Everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him in this picture and he seemed a little embarrassed being the center of attention which surprised me!

Trying to get a group picture....A few of the kiddos had already left but we got what we could..

Kresee and Kenzie both sacked out in Ma and Papa's arms...

And yesterday I took him to the park to meet up with his friend, Erin...I think we are all suffering from allergies today (Kresee included), but it was worth it for the birthday boy....
I told him he needed to put on sunscreen so he wanted to do it himself and this is what happened...
Playing in the sand....

Kresee taking a little nap....Her first time at the park....

Swinging in the baby swings...His favorite thing to do at the park....

Then on the way back from the swings to the sand, he stepped in a huge area of mud....I really think he did it on purpose...This is one area I know he is my child...I couldn't go anywhere when I was little without finding the one puddle of water so I could jump/step in it...His shoes sank and it was sooo nasty...Luckily, Meagan had some diaper sacks for dirty diapers that we used to put his nasty muddy shoes in....

We went through McDonald's drive-thru on the way home from the park for a birthday happy meal....When we got home, Kerry was mowing the yard and Kohen had to help...SO they were nice and sweaty...They came in to eat dinner but went back outside to finish up...I asked Kerry if he would wash off Kohen's muddy shoes and I came outside to naked Kohen running around...

I guess he helped his Daddy a little bit...

Then they went in and showered and we let Kohen open up his birthday presents from us.

That is what Kohen likes to say and I just love it. So last night we were opening his birthday presents and he would say "Wow, thanks guys!". Kerry and I would laugh everytime. But he opened all 3 of them and was like "Thanks, is there one more?" I said well you had four sweetie but you opened your stars wars gun at your party so that's it. And he was like OK.

His baseball piggy bank to match his room....

Elmo bicycle helmet with knee and elbow pads....

His Star Wars gun that he has wanted for a good 2-3 months but I told him he had to wait until his birthday....
Him dancing in his cute PJ's and Elmo gear....

He really wanted to go and ride his "bike" since he was already to go...So we let him go outside for a few minutes and then he was off to bed....

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Birthday Boy is 3!!!

3 years ago today we had our first child, Kohen Brant. He was such an easy and content little baby and is still so sweet and a pretty easy going guy. I just can't believe it has gone by so quickly and he just amazes me everyday. The things he says and the things he does. As I was leaving his room tonight, he said "Mommy, thanks for my birthday presents. I love you." What a sweet boy!
I remember he did not like to take naps even as a newborn. This is a picture of him in the hospital and when we took him home, I kept waiting for the newborn who slept most of the day. Well that never happened. We were lucky if this guy took 2 thirty minute naps a day. He just didn't need that much sleep, but I never complained too much because he slept so great at night and he still does a good job of that. But he does take like 1 1/2-2 hr naps for us now (thank goodness)
He hated all of these things. I had the bumbo, the vibrating chair, the bouncy chair, the swing, etc. He did NOT like any of them. This baby wanted to be held as much as possible and I being a first time mom held him a lot. He did use his swing only for naps and again those were pretty short so he wasn't in the swing a whole lot.

I remember having this little photo session with him. I stripped him down to his diaper and laid him down on this blue blanket and took lots of pictures in hopes of getting some cute ones. I did and used these for his birth announcement.
It's funny to look at this one. I think Kresee is filling out pretty good, but look at this chunk at 6 weeks!! Funny thing is that this guy only drank milk for like the first year of his life. He did NOT eat baby food. Hated it all. Kerry and I would spend 45 minutes trying to get like 1/2 of those little tiny baby food jars down him. We even would sit in him front of the TV and put in a Baby Einstein video (one in particular). I would try and shove a spoonful in his mouth and Kerry had the medicine syringe and would try and squirt the food in his mouth. It was crazy and we did it and stressed out about how our child would not eat. We would marvel at the kids we would see inhaling like 2-3 jars in one sitting. But he ended up eating better eventually. For awhile there I thought he would turn into a macaroni since he would only eat mac-n-cheese. Now he is going to turn into a quesadilla. Every day I ask Kohen what do you want to eat. "Tortilla with cheese in it".

And back to being a great sleeper. He really did wonderfully from day one and I was so thankful because I was pretty darn tired with him. He did great until he got sick at 18 mos. and then it became a nightmare and took us months to get him back to sleeping great at night.

And this is just one of a few pictures of him in his OU gear. We had to start early to get the kid to like OU! It's worked--he loves the Sooners and OU football. Kerry and I promised to take him to a game this Fall and he is super excited about it. I actually asked him tonight at bedtime what he was going to do now that he was 3 and he said "OU Football game."

I laugh at this picture remembering I copied my friend Angela. She had these same letters and spelled out Cameron, so I did the same with Kohen. And now I love that he has been able to actually spell his name by himself for quite some time now. We used the BINGO song to teach him his name.

This was his 1st Christmas. I remember how adorable I thought he looked and we actually used this picture to put in the "Baby's 1st Christmas" section of the newspaper. He could turn that tongue completely around. That tongue was constantly out.
Kohen got his 1st haircut at 10 months. He did so good and loved it. He still is the best kid when it comes to haircuts. He sits so perfectly still and he gets such wonderful compliments everytime.

Kohen started walking at 10 1/2 months and I remember how excited I was about it, but then it was sad because I felt he really wasn't a baby crawling around anymore. He was a toddling toddler!
He loved riding on the mower with Kerry and still loves it to this day. Actually we went to the park this afternoon and when we got home Kohen about had a heart attack trying to get out of his carseat because Daddy was mowing the yard without him. I love that he loves to do things like this with his Daddy.

This is funny to because he sat in these exact swings today when we went to the park. He loves to swing and the higher, the better. He still wants in these baby swings because he says the others are "dangerous". I just think he feels pretty secure in the baby swings.

Here is something that Kohen is known for: twirling my hair. This kid started this when he was a little baby. I think when I nursed him he would just reach up and play with my hair. Well it just continued and no matter what he had a hold of my hair. I can't tell you how many strangers in the grocery store or Target have commented on him having hold of my hair. And to this day when I'm putting him to bed, he still twirls my hair. But I have to say within the last few weeks, he has started twisting his own. Good thing he's not a girl or it would be in knots all the time.

I remember he had just got another haircut in this picture and just wanted to smile sweetly for me. He used to be so good at taking pictures. Now I can barely get the kid to look at the camera.

And of course he loved the lake from Day one and still thinks it's the greatest place. I'm so glad he likes the boats and sea-doos and isn't scared of any of it. He loves swimming in the lake by himself (we are right there of course). But he wants to do it himself. I am so excited to get him in some swim lessons this summer so he can learn how to swim for real. And he is so very ready for the lake this summer.
He has always loved being outside and could live out there. Poor guy has such bad allergies, but that doesn't stop him. And playing in the water is the best. He played in the water tonight with his Dad after they got through mowing. These were of him eating popsicles outside and making a huge mess.

This used to be his favorite little car. He would drive this around the house. I'm sure he would still like it if we actually charged the battery. Maybe we will do that soon:) But he is just happy and content riding his bike (really a tricycle).
I could honestly go on and on with pictures and stories about how much I love this little guy but I know you are bored by now. So I will just post a few more because I like them:)

So Happy 3rd Birthday Kohen. We love you so much and feel so blessed to call you our son. You make us so proud and it has been such a joy watching you grow the past 3 years!