Friday, June 28, 2013

Baseball Art Class

Kohen has been asking to take an art class and we just haven't had much time lately, so I signed him up for a baseball class and he was super excited. Noah and Hayden were there as well and they all did great.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hair cut

Kresee has been asking and asking to cut her hair off; like up to her ears off. I assured her we don't want to cut it that short so we agreed on cutting it off to her shoulders. She was so excited and it turned out so cute. They straightened it and she thinks its perfect.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cutie pies

Kresee and Red taking a nap together. He can snuggle with anybody and of course she loves it when he lays by her:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

On Sunday we woke up in our hotel that we stayed in after the Ranger Baseball game and headed to lunch at Olive Garden to meet up with Maw and Papa and the Lavender's. It was Father's Day and we wanted to celebrate Kerry. In my heart it was hard knowing it was also my Nana's birthday and 1 week since my Papa passed away. So I felt terrible not being back in Wichita Falls but knowing we definitely needed some fun with the kids. They were so good spending hours at the hospital being quiet with Papa and they deserved to have fun.
Here are the sweet cards they made Daddy.
 After lunch, we headed over to Great Wolf Lodge. The last time we were there Kohen was just 3 years old and Kresee was only 3 months old. I had to get a Daddy pic with his two favorite little people.
The boys had to have a wand to play the magic game so the girls each got a pass for some other fun stuff. First was build a bear workshop. 
 They love their new stuffed animal friends...
 On our way to the waterpark and Kresee did NOT want her picture with Violet and so I had to make her sit in my lap.
The hot tub was our friend b/c that water is cold inside and we had to warm up in this many times. It was Kresee's favorite spot. 
Daddy helping her color her shirt.
 Right before we left Kresee decided she would take some pictures with the Great Wolf Lodge Critters.
 She was most excited about getting her glitter tattoo. We told her it had to be the very last thing we did before we left on Tuesday so it wouldn't wash off in the water.
 I needed a quick family picture before walking out right where we took one in June 2009.
 From our trip 4 years ago...How much they change!!!
We had a great time and we shouldn't wait 4 more years before we come back!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ranger Baseball Game

Today we got up and headed out of town to make the 3:00 TX Ranger game with Kohen's baseball team. We did this last year and they all really enjoyed it. So we thought we would do it again. It was raining this morning so we were hoping for a non 100 degree day outside. We got that but it was pretty humid. We sat at the very top which helped with the breeze. The Rangers lost but we still had fun. Several of us stayed in the same hotel so we all went and had dinner together. But we called it an early night because we are getting up tomorrow to head to Great Wolf Lodge the next few days.
Kresee was pooped and slept most of the game.

Friday, June 14, 2013

WFHS Baseball Camp

On top of soccer camp, Kohen also attended baseball camp every morning this week from 8-12:00. He is really loving baseball and wanted to go to a camp. I think he enjoyed it and said he did well. I only stayed and took pictures at the end of one day because I was busy every morning helping with Papa's arrangements.