Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Pics

Just some random phone pictures that I need to post on the blog:)
Kresee feeding her baby doll
 Kohen came home with this drawing from school....It's a picture describing the whole lightening catching our house on fire...That's the lightening in the sky with the fire chief putting out the fire on the roof...Of course there is a fire truck and those three people in the car are Kohen, Kresee and I...
 "Mommy he's laying on me. He loves me!!"
 This girl played hard outside and was so dirty and disgusting by the end of the day....
 This guy sacked out on the stairs after walking in the door from the doctor's office...He had an ear infection....
 This was from a few games back...Kohen played his friend Noah in soccer
 At tball the other day...Kohen has been hitting a homerun most every game:)

Playing outside in the plastic pool because it's already been soooo hot outside...Not looking forward to the heat this summer!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

3 yr/6 yr Pictures

I had the kids 3rd birthday and 6th birthday pictures a few weeks ago...My sweet neighbor took them to Lucy Park where we let them run around and play with our bubble machine...I also asked the kids their favorite things right now and she added them to a picture which I thought turned out super cute...There are lots, but she got so many good ones of them!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

6 Year Check-up

Kohen's goal this year for his check-up was to weigh 40 lbs....That's all he's really cared about...I'm being serious when I say that he would weigh himself twice daily sometimes...So I told him that he had a great shot since it was in the middle of the day and that he would have breakfast and lunch in him AND he was wearing clothes...So he was ectastic when she told him he weighed 41 lbs!!!!...And he was 44 inches tall...25% for both just like Kresee....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dance Recital

Well Kresee got her Dance Recital costume in and she was sooooo excited to put in on..."It is so beautiful mommy. It's my favorite. I love it" I let her try it on and now I have it hidden in Kohen's closet since the recital isn't until June 8th....

 So Grammie is so great and brought over my dance recital costume that I wore at her age...Can you believe she has this stuff still!!...She brought both my costumes and my sister's costume as well...What great dress up clothes...