Monday, September 30, 2013

More soccer

Because I'm not coaching, I always have my camera out at her games and I just can't get enough of this sweet girl in her soccer uniform:) 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Painting pumpkins

Kresee spent the night with Grammie tonight and they sent me some pictures. Kresee has been working hard on painting her pumpkin. She did two sides for two different looks: one a pig and the other a jack-o-lantern. She is pretty proud and can't wait to put them on the front porch for Halloween.


We have been practicing since August 14th and have been patiently waiting the start of Fall Baseball!!! Our game was at lovely 8 AM on a Saturday morning...We were up dressed and ready to go and then it got cancelled because of the rain:(...So this guy isn't too happy about it....Oh well---one more week till we get to start playing....He is so cute in his new Giants uniform...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My mom and I took the kids to the Fair tonight...We let Kohen bring Sam so he would have someone to ride with the whole time and I could just follow them around...Grammie mainly stuck with Kresee since they all want to do different things...We had a great time and they had a lot of fun as always...

 Kohen hasn't rode the spider in about 2 years when he and I last rode it. He was so scared the whole time and said never again...I think a little friend motivation got him back on and they loved it...

 They did the potato sack slide over and over and fought the whole way down trying to be 1st place...I made them move on when I figured one of them was going to tumble down--haha

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kresee--2nd game

Kresee had her 2nd soccer game tonight...It seems she has a few Monday games vs Saturdays which we don't mind at all...
 Kohen helping out beforehand

 She did soooo much better today...Actually got in there and got the ball...

 She managed to get 4 goals!!! We were so proud of her and she was very excited...She did great:)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kohen's 2nd game

I'm really terrible at taking pictures of Kohen's soccer game b/c I'm so involved coaching that I forget to get my camera out when he's on the field...I didn't take one picture of his 1st soccer game so I tried to remember to get some today!!
This is going to be a long season for us...We ended up with 12 players on our team when we've only had 10 in the past...So 6 of our 12 players were completely new to us...Of those 6, five have never ever played soccer...Things I thought we were going to be working on this season will have to be for a later time b/c I'm back to teaching the basic of soccer for most of the boys....We ended up winning 3-0 today which is a great win for us...I don't think we will have many this season and will take it when we can get one:)

 Best Buds---Kohen, Sam and William

Friday, September 13, 2013


The dogs were out playing in the backyard (well the young ones at least), so I thought I would snap a few pictures of them...Sugar is such a pretty girl and she is becoming such a good dog...Far from a year ago when she was a puppy mess...

 Red, of course, is a handsome guy and the best easy going dog around...
 Ellie is a sweet heart but sure gets jealous of Red loving on me...She wants me all to herself...But thankfully she isn't aggressive towards him...I just think I hurt her feelings sometimes!
 These two are the BESTEST of friends...Seriously, for two female dogs they love each other so much and can do anything to the other and they never, ever get mad at each other...It's crazy to see how well they get along always...

On the sidelines

The Decatur Eagles came in town tonight to play against the Burkburnett Bulldogs....Since it's an easy drive, Maw and Papa took Kohen to meet up with Jayson's team....Jayson let Jaxson and Kohen hang out on the sidelines the whole time...Kohen was in heaven and loved every second of it...At the end of the game, mid team huddle, Kohen was even trying to give Jayson some pointers--haha...He had a great time...There he is circled in the yellow

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NEW truck

Well if you can believe it but Kerry got a new truck!!! I think the kids were just as excited as he was...This guy has been driving his 2000 Expedition since he got it in October of 1999 during our sophomore year of college!!!...14 years later, he deserves a new truck for sure:)...It's super nice and we really all love it...I'm glad he got a truck b/c I know he's always kind of wanted one and since we go everywhere in my car, we didn't necessarily need two SUV's...And having a truck comes in handy sometimes....

Monday, September 9, 2013

1st Soccer Game

This girl has been patiently waiting for a few years now to play soccer like Kohen. Well the wait is finally over and she is soooo excited. And she might be the cutest soccer player ever. I love their little uniforms and she is just precious. Thankfully, I'm not the coach. One team is enough for me. But another dad said he would do it and he named the team Spirit (which was mine and his wife's team name when we played together as little girls). So Kresee thought that was super neat!

 Warming up before the game...Daddy has to help her get ready....

 Pep talk with Coach Shane...

 She did really well...I think she was a bit overwhelmed in the 1st quarter, but did well the 2nd time out on the field!

 Kresee and Audrie Kate...Two cuties!!
Kresee and Jaylee

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We love Labor Day weekend b/c it's a lazy weekend and football starts. Here is what Kerry and I did majority of the time:) The dogs sure love napping all day as well.

 Kresee and Kenzie played in the sand a lot
 The boys played football the whole time.
 My handsome hubby
 All 5 cousins
I just got through running and I love how Red just melts into you. He was a limp dog and loves to get hugs:)
 Kresee taking a quick nap on the boat
 Kohen taking a nap mid-cheeto!!
It is always sad knowing we have to wait until next summer to be back but we are gonna be in full swing with all the sports every weekend and will stay super busy!!