Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last night, some of our favorite people came over to visit. Keri, Jake and Presley all stopped by to have a playdate and some adult conversation:) We had some pizza and let the kiddos run wild. It was a lot of fun.
Presley is about 7 1/2 months older than Kohen. They had a great time and Kohen can't wait to play with her again!
My friend, Angela, is also pregnant. I have a million friends pregnant right now. She is about 5 weeks behind me due around April 9th. Her friend threw her a surprise shower at her all time favorite restaurant: Olive Garden.
Today before Kohen took a nap, I suggested that we might be able to go outside when he wakes up. So his first comment the instant he woke up "Mommy can we go outside?" So we attempted it for a little bit. It was a bit windy which made it kind of cool since we were in the shade playing in the driveway.

So we head outside and I already told him that we might need a jacket. And this was the first thing he said to me when he got outside.
"See Mommy, I don't need a jacket."

This is Kohen's favorite thing to draw: people. So today he drew me over and over again. It starts out looking like a drawing of a potato. Then he adds 2 eyes, 2 arms, and 2 legs. He threw in a little extra today and gave me a mouth!

Here is his beautiful finished product:)

For once, he isn't sticking his tongue out at me. He was concentrating so hard while drawing, his little tongue was out and I told him to look up and I snapped the picture.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

35 Weeks----35 Days!

So I'm at 35 weeks and only have 35 days left!
I go for my first weekly check-up on Monday and hopefully I will have something to report.

School has been cancelled the past 2 days, so I'm starting to get pretty darn bored. My mom came over yesterday and we did everything possible that we could think of: tons of laundry, vacuumed every inch of the house, brought down and cleaned/washed all the baby stuff from upstairs, picked up Kohen's toy room (our dining room), and I even started packing away some of my maternity shirts that no longer fit and that I will never ever wear again! So Kohen stayed home with me yesterday as well and he is here with me today. I almost sent him to the babysitter so I can get some painting (for his room) and bills taken care of, but he promised he would play by himself!! We will see how that goes:) Right now he is baking pumpkin pies (using his orange basketball and purple soccer ball??). His imagination truly cracks me up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Like My Daddy

We are slowly but surely finishing the upstairs room. Kerry at least now has the wood flooring. So he needed to do some more painting for the quarter-round once the floor is installed. Kohen, of course, was a huge help!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

85 to 20

So it was 85 degrees 2 days ago (on Thursday) and we went to the park to play with Kohen's friend Erin. Everyone else in town had the same idea, but it wasn't too bad. They enjoyed playing with sticks more than anything.

"Just a swinging"

"Hey you wanna trade sticks??"

This is Erin saying "I really wish you would get this kid off of my stroller" Kohen had no clue he was bothering her:)
Today, in the 20 degree weather, we ventured out first thing this morning. Kerry was going to OKC to pick up our wood flooring for the upstairs room. I did not want to drive 2 hours there, pick up wood for 30 minutes and drive 2 hrs back. My butt would have been killing me! So Kohen and I left the house at 8:15 to go and eat some donuts. We had a great time visiting with everyone who came in the donut shop while we sat there for a good 30 minutes. Kohen managed to eat 12 chocolate donut holes! Then we headed on to visit his other friend Cameron and her mommy. We played at their house for about 2 1/2 hours. Definately long enough for them to pull out every toy and destroy Angela's poor living room and study!! But the best part was going to eat at Dairy Queen for lunch. Yuuumy!! Kohen fell asleep about 3 minutes in on the way home and we came home and snuggled for an hour and a half until Daddy got home. Now Kerry and Kohen are outide finishing unloading the wood from the trailor and then are going to head to U-Haul to return the trailor. Kohen has requested while they were out to go and get hot chocolate.

I did manage to get one picture of the kids. They were trying not to smile at me! And as soon as I took it, they turned into wild children and jumped off the couch yelling and screaming. So I'm glad I did get one cute picture of the two of them:)
I have been looking for a sweet tutu/pettiskirt for Kresee to take some newborn pictures in. Everything I kept looking at was going to be way too big. So I found this one website and they had the most adorable little skirts and I just had to get one. It came in within 2 days and I love it way more in person. I can't wait to put her little body in it!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

40 Days!

If you check out my little baby on the side, it says I only have 40 days!! Wow, that is not very long. I can't wait to see it say 30, then 20, then 10!!

I got this package in the mail today from one of my good friends Starla. We went to OU together and she is also a speech therapist. Her and her hubby live in Oklahoma. I think about her often and we try and talk/email when we can. She is at a stressful and trying time in her life right now and I was just so surprised and wowed by the fact that she took the time to send me the sweetest little onesies for Kresee!! Aren't they adorable: one with the letter "K", one with her initials, and one with the "K" and her name. I just loooove them and I can't thank her enough for thinking of me.

Thanks Starla----I can't wait for you to meet Miss Kresee!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

34 Week Update and then some:)

We've stayed busy this past week and so I haven't had a chance to post any pictures of my sweet boy. So I have a lot to catch you up!!
I took a photography class this past Saturday to try and learn some basics about my camera vs. just always taking pictures on automatic. Yes, my camera is great and does a great job on automatic. I just thought I would try and learn something new. So DeEdra with Photo[e]Motion held a class and I went. So that gave Kerry and Kohen some time by themself while I was gone. They had drug the tent out and put in our room (behind) this first picture. Yes, it's still in our room now 4 days later. But I was breaking down boxes (still from Christmas) and Kohen wanted his train table one for a boat. He played in this darn box for a long time. And I took some pictures of Kerry sliding him all over the place in it. He thought it was the best.

The other night, Kohen got out his usual little figurines and let his imagination run wild. That night was the cowboys and indians and soldiers. I was playing with my camera settings hence the yellowness of the picture (still learning)!!
He was lining them all up and then "Bam-bamming" them as he knocked them all over.

I just love watching his sweet little hands and fingers and seeing the concentration that goes into it.
Anyways, I am 34 weeks today. I am so excited because it's another great milestone in my pregnancy. Even Dr. Lamar said "34 weeks, Good because that saves me a lot of paperwork" If you have a baby before 34 weeks, the baby gets sent to Dallas to be cared for. After 34 weeks, you are usually good to go. Now, I just need to make it to the 36-37 week mark and then I will really feel OK if she does decide to come early.

But thankfully, it was my last uneventful appointment. Did the usual thing and I must say it was the all time quickest appointment ever. And if you have Dr. Lamar, you know you can wait awhile for him. We got there and Kerry said "Was there a fire drill". The waiting room was completely empty. I checked in, got my paperwork and slid it in the door. We hadn't been sitting for 15 seconds before we were called back. I peed, got weighed, and he was waiting in our room for the nurse to finish up taking my blood pressure. I was like, man this needs to happen everytime!!

I continue to measure small. I am 34 weeks measuring 32 cm. So he said he isn't too worried about it since I have been consistently 2 cm behind and its usually give or take 2 cm anyways. But he did say it was something that we need to watch in the coming weeks and closer to her due date we might need to do another sonogram to make sure she isn't too small or anything. I really think everything is fine since at 29 weeks I was measuring small and the week before I did have a sonogram and she was measuring 4-5 days bigger than her March 4th due date. S0 we will just wait and see. I do go back in 2 weeks on February 2nd and go weekly from there on out. So hopefully the next time I post about this baby, I will be able to say if I'm dilated or maybe nothing at all:) So you can laugh now at this picture because I'm not small by any means!!!

Here is my sweetie running around in his cowboy boots. That is his nightstand and TV stand behind the couch that we were cleaning up to add to his room. When we finally get that finished, I will post a picture.
Kohen is now officially obsessed with Star Wars (Kerry's Fault!). So on top of playing football and basketball on a daily basis, we also now have to add in some light saber time.
Since it was such a pretty day today, we sat outside in the front and I let him line up and play with all his soldiers on the walkway. But mainly, he just ended up drinking all my Dr. Pepper.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Kerry's cousin, Julia, came in town from Arizona for the next few weeks with her 1 year old son Bodi. He just turned one on Dec 27th, so we had a little bday party for him yesterday at his Nana and Papa's house. Bodi had just woken up from a nap and did not want to be set down in the leaves by himself between Kohen and Jaxson. So all the moms joined in the picture.
Kohen, of course, loved playing in the leaves and was too precious not to take more pictures of eventhough I already have some of him in the leaves.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kohen's New Love

So Kohen isn't the biggest sweet-eater. A lot of the time, he won't try much of anything. If he does have a cookie, he maybe takes 2 bites. He does like ice cream but wastes half of it. So I haven't bought these cookies in a really long time. A) because Kerry and I could eat them probably all in one sitting and B) I just haven't really thought about them in years.
They are just so darn soft and too good. I bought some pink ones at the grocery store recently for no particular reason and Kohen actually ate 2 of them. The whole thing. One in the afternoon before dinner and one after dinner. So we went back to the store this week and he spotted them and have to have the blue icing cookies. That night he ate 2 of them in one sitting which is crazy since like I said I can't get him to eat more than 2 bites usually. So he really likes these darn cookies. I might have to avoid them at the grocery store or I think he will continue to want me to buy them (which I will) and then I will end up eating half of them myself!!
So here he is finishing up his 2nd cookie for the evening.

And you gotta have a big cup of milk to wash it all down.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting There:)

So we are making progress on the house. I've worked very hard and am very sore because of it. These 2 weeks off have been great but I feel like I've just been going non-stop. Getting up and down, bending over, moving things and boxes wears a big pregnant girl out. I am getting a prenatal massage tonight so I'm looking very forward to that!!

I did get Kresee's room cleaned out and the crib set back up. Kerry put it back together for me last night and I immediately had to put the bedding in since it has been washed and ready to go for a week now. Here is a picture of the crib with her curtains and wall art setting on the floor and then her name letters that I have set inside the crib for the time being. I've yet to hang anything on the wall.

Lastly, I took my usual weekly preggo picture (which I won't be posting). Afterwards, Kohen was upset because he wanted to take a belly picture too. So I let him hold my 31 week sign and Kerry took his picture...too funny.