Thursday, November 28, 2013


This year we had lunch at the Maroney's and then Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house.

 I love that we all love playing games even the kids. We played a lot of Pictionary since everyone likes to draw:)
 Sean was able to set his timer on his camera and captured the whole crew. Makes my heart sad knowing we are missing one important person. I hope he was watching and smiling knowing we were all together. How much we miss him!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This is Kerry's 2nd year to grow a mustache for no shave November or Movember if you only do a mustache. Kerry can't grow a full beard even if he wanted to so he keeps it simple! Kohen couldn't wait till the end of the month so he could wear his fake mustache and take a picture with Daddy. I'm glad Kerry only looks like this for one month!

Monday, November 25, 2013

SLP Thanksgiving Feast

Kresee had her Thanksgiving Feast at school today. All the moms and dads bring finger foods and everyone eats some lunch! They made cute shoeboxes with leaves they painted and thanksgiving words they wrote. She was pretty proud of her box:) Again, our last feast at SLP!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tree is Up!

Felt really good to get the tree up today. I was glad we didn't wait another week like normal since Thanksgiving is late this year. The kids are always super excited to get it done. It just takes us talking Kerry into helping out. It's a workout carrying those 3 big pieces down from the attic. But he does such a good job carrying them:)
 I'm always so grateful how my mom thinks about my sweet pups each year. We got to add Hunter's ornament this year to the tree. I still am processing that he is gone. It's been a month but it's still weird. He was by my side for so long and I miss him so much.
 Kresee got this tree last year on Christmas and has been waiting all year to get it out. I think she was more pumped about it than the big tree.
 Sugar giving Kerry some hugs.
 Red snuggled under Kerry's shirt:)
 My lovely helpers! We didn't break an ornament this year:)
We are officially ready for Christmas!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

1st Thanksgiving

We went out and had Thanksgiving with my Dad and Sallye tonight. It's one of my favorites because my dad is a great cook and it's just a lobster/shrimp boil. I loved it all!!!! I always eat way too much. My kids just love spending time with Dad and Sallye:)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Crazy Kids

I love working at Franklin so I can see cute stuff like this posted in the hallway. They had to pick a different food to write about and Kohen chose eating quesadillas for Thanksgiving. He did a great job and I loved it.
 Kresee brought this home today. They were learning about community helpers. I asked Kresee what she picked and she said 'a librarian'. I said well what's on her uniform. "I have no idea but I did draw her some boobies". I asked what's on her belly. "Nothing, she's just fat!" I couldn't stop laughing. She will enjoy reading about this someday!

Limo Ride to Mazzio's

The 2nd graders that sold all their raffle tickets for the Fall Festival got to go on their limo ride to Mazzio's today. Kohen loves getting to go. I've had to ride in the limo with these crazy kids the past two years. This year I got to drive my own car and meet them there. I couldn't stay long but got a few pictures.

Monday, November 18, 2013

2nd Grade Picture

Kohen's 2nd grade picture cracks me up. I got them back and I asked why he looked like that! He laughed and said 'she grabbed my face and turned it and said stay just like that'. We attempted picture retakes. We were all ready to go and he was crying on the way to school. This kid doesn't cry so I knew something was wrong. Kerry came and picked him up for a trip to the doctor. He had an ear infection. He got back to school just as the picture lady was packing up. "So that's what's going to be in my yearbook!" I told him he still looks precious:)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beautiful Day

Today was so pretty outside. The kids got out the go-cart and rode all afternoon. We had a nice time with the family in town yesterday and today.

Last Baseball Game

Kohen ended the baseball season with an infield home run!! He is a quick little guy so he can get around those bases fast. He was super excited. They had a great season for this new group of boys. I'm excited for the Spring Season!
 Braydon, Kamren and Kohen
 Gabriele and Kohen

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sweet Dreams Meme

Kerry's Meme passed away this past Tuesday. Her 89th birthday would have been yesterday and today we will celebrate her life here on earth. On the way to Kohen's last baseball game this morning, there was a double rainbow. It made me smile knowing she was up in heaven now looking down on us. As hard as it was to lose my Papa, I know Kerry is grieving just the same for his Meme. This time last year she went into the hospital before Thanksgiving and we were told she was not going to make it. So we are truly blessed we got one more year with her. We were all over there on Sunday; all the great grand kids got to love on her. Then she was gone on Tuesday. I know she will be missed terribly. She is the first grandparent Kerry has had to say goodbye to. He is very close to his Meme and Papa. It's going to be a rough Thanksgiving and Christmas this year knowing my Papa and his Meme are no longer there.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

DeEdra of Photo[e]motion Photography took our family pictures back on the 27th of October. I absolutely love them and it's going to be super hard to pick from all the pictures she captured. There isn't a bad picture on the CD and I can't thank her enough! The last pictures she took was back in April 2012 with my entire family; ones with my Papa. So I feel so blessed to have those along with these new pictures.