Monday, August 29, 2011

Where is she?

"Mommy where is Sage? Where is she?"
Kresee remember Sage went to heaven.
"well I want to go to heaven to see her"
We can't Kresee. Shes gone.
"I need to go find her. I go to heaven to find her"

Our conversation at dinner tonight. Just breaks my heart. I know she doesn't understand:(

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Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Days

Yes, the day has arrived....The day I have not really been looking forward to at all....I can't believe my baby Kohen is officially in Kindergarten...This kid has been waiting patiently all summer...He would ask weekly, sometimes daily when he got to go to Ben Franklin with me...It just doesn't seem like he should be this big:(...But I know he's ready, prepared and will do great...Notice his super cute backpack that he is using this year....He used it the year before last when he started preschool as a 3 year old...BUT since he didn't use it last year, I pulled it out like it was brand new--haha!! I mean LOOK how stinking cute this 3 year old boy was all ready to go to his first day of preschool at School for Little People...I ordered the size small backpack from pottery barn...I had no idea how BIG the small was!!!.... It's the same size as his entire body....
But it fits him great now:)....He's so handsome!! If you can believe it, we were up and ready and on time...So I took them both outside to snap some pictures....See I ordered the preschool backpack from pottery barn this time for Kresee since I learned my lesson:)

Another big day for my baby girl....I can't believe she is starting Preschool!!!!...She was sooooo excited and ready to go to big girl school too...I tried to prepare her as best as I could all summer long...I would take her with me to pick up Kohen...Talk to her about it...Show her where her classroom would be and such....She was ready!!!

Getting out of the car at SLP...She already has decided maybe she's not quite ready for this school thing....

Daddy helping her up the stairs...She's pretty nervous....

But we managed to get her in the room and then it went downhill...Poor thing cried and cried...I felt terrible leaving her....BUT I do know she would be fine and settle down once we left...So we just had to say goodbye and let her cry:(

So onto Franklin we went with this KG boy.....We went to my room to put all my stuff down...I didn't think to snap a picture of me and Kerry with Kresee....And since we didn't even see her teacher (it was the aide), I didn't even get a picture with Mrs. Moran...I will have to make that happen....

But here are some lovely pictures of Kerry and I....Yes, we look horrible and tired!!!...Sadly, we were up pretty much most of Sunday night crying about Sage...It was very hard to get up and going Monday morning but we knew this was such a big day in both our children's lives that we had to just keep moving on....

We then headed down the hall where Kohen was greeted by numerous teachers because they all know him:)......He put all his stuff away and headed to his table...Daddy giving him a pep talk...I'm sure it consisted of have a great day and behave!!

I then had Mrs. Evans take a picture with my sweet boy....He just loves her and is going to have a wonderful KG experience....

The best part is his sweet friend Bella that he's known from SLP the past 2 years is in his class!!!...They are both equally excited about that.....

In the end, this day was definitely very hard....Very emotionally draining....Our 1st day to not have Sage with us, Kresee's 1st day of preschool and Kohen's 1st day of KG....But we made it:)

We Will Miss You

I snapped this picture the other day....Sage was behind me sleeping soundly on the futon while I worked on the computer...She really followed you wherever you went....I'm so glad I took a picture:)

Sage said goodbye suddenly to Kerry and I on Sunday afternoon...She was 13 years old...Would have been 14 in October...We left town on Saturday afternoon around 1:30 and she was perfectly fine...She has suffered from Cushing's Disease for awhile now, but I guess it was just her time to go to heaven....Justin came to let her out Sunday morning and he texted me saying Sage did not eat her food and didn't look well...I said Oh it's no big deal...She only likes to eat for Kerry...I blew off the not looking good because she was pinned up in her crate all night...I just envisioned her being stiff and not walking very well from that.... We got up and ran to eat lunch before heading back home from Ft. Worth...Mom called and said she was panting and was a little wobbly walking around...She again said she didn't look very well and wanted to be with her until we got home...She left our house to eat lunch with the kids and came back after lunch...By that time Sage was really panting and was no longer wanting to walk anywhere...She wouldn't get up....Before long, she even pooped on the floor and just laid there....Mom called again very concerned...It was 2:00 and I said we would be home at 3:00
My sister felt we didn't need to wait another hour...She came and picked Sage up and rushed her out to see Dr. Tammen...By the time she got there she was seizing very badly and had lost all controls of her bowels and I think was pretty much out of it....She called and said that Dr. Tammen can try to keep her alive until we got there...We cut through by the Jolly truckstop because Dr. Tammen is in Dean....Dr. Tammen checked her pulse as we were walking in and she was still alive, but the minute we got in the room and placed our hands on her she passed away...I really feel she was holding on until she knew Kerry was there....Dr. Tammen had given her some valium to relax her body and keep her from seizing, so I know she went peacefully....She said that Sage had a stroke and there was nothing we could have really done....

I know our hearts are so very broken....Yes, we wish we could have been home....But my sister said that Sage wouldn't want us to have remembered her like that...Our last memory of her was on Saturday when she was running around like normal....I feel so badly for Kerry...This was his dog....I know he loved Biskit more than anything, but Biskit was mine and I'm still not over losing her from 2 years ago...So I know how badly his heart is hurting right now...

I will never forget going to a pet store in December of 1997 and seeing that sweet little boston terrier puppy...We left and Kerry just had to have her...We went back and she has been a part of our life ever since...I know she had a wonderful life...She was spoiled rotten like all dogs should be...

But I miss her like crazy already...I'm sad when I leave the house knowing she's not there...It breaks my heart coming home and not seeing her face....Our bed is empty on Kerry's side where she laid by him for almost 14 years....

I honestly prayed for our other dogs to go suddenly and not experience the pain that Biskit did...We knew for 6 weeks she could be gone anyday...But I was wrong...This is not any easier...I guess it never really is....

Sage you were much....Sweet Kresee thought the world of you....We will miss you...

October 26, 1997-August 21, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Today was Meet the Teacher for both kids. We headed to SLP with Kresee 1st. She was pretty excited about going. Then was apprehensive for about 20 seconds before entering the room. Then was completely fine and didn't want to leave!! Mrs. Moran is her teacher and she is wonderful. I hope she does well and adjusts quickly on Monday. I'm nervous for her;) She has been very ready to go to big girl school. All she really cares about is taking her backpack!!!

Then we ran over to Franklin mainly for Kerry to meet Mrs. Evans and see Kohens classroom. Kohen has luckily already meet her several times and can NOT wait for Monday to get here. He actually goes back in the morning for KG hour and they meet the other kids and walk thru what a day in KG looks like. I can't believe he's starting school. It's killing me!!!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Sleep

I'm gonna miss these naps with my sweet girl now that I'm back to work on Monday. This was from today and we woke up super sweaty from snuggling so close. I love that she loves napping with me;)

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Six Flags--Trip #2

Kohen LOVED going to Six Flags back in May with TT (his aunt)....She took him to Hurricane Harbor in June...But wanted to get in one last trip before he started Kindergarten...Last Friday, he got to pick where to go and Six Flags it was....Eventhough it was like 110 outside, they managed to make it from 10:30-7:00....God Bless my sister!!!...I couldn't have done it...The kid rides everything that he possibly can...He's not scared of a thing...I can't wait to take him myself with Kerry...Maybe this Fall when it actually cools off....
He played Laser Tag and they let him have a wrist band because he did "so well"...He thought it was great bringing that home with him....

See the wrist band on his arm!!

He loves driving the old cars!!
My favorite...I love this view of him

The Swings

Kohen and TT

Poor Guy!

This guy had a rough day on Monday....I dropped him off at school like usual...I headed to the gym....I saw that I had a phone call around 10:30 but didn't recognize the number....My class ended at 10:45...I checked the message and it was someone from his Preschool, but they just said to call back...Then I get a text from Kerry saying he had been hurt and was picking him up...So I felt horrible that I didn't call the school back at 10:30...But that's how things happen....

Basically he felt the need to stand on the wheel of the scooter and face planted fast and hard into the handlebars...His nose bleed for quite some time and his mouth was really bloody too...His face was pretty swollen immediately...They said he was very calm but he couldn't stop shaking...I guess his body was reacting....They were really concerned with his mouth and teeth but they didn't want to look in his mouth and mess with it and suggested we go to the dentist...So I took him straight up to see Alisa (Dr. Ratzlaff) where she calmed our fears...His teeth were intact and seemed fine...We are hoping that one doesn't die and turn black...But if so, oh well, it will fall out eventually:)...He mainly cut the inside of his upper lip pretty good which caused his lip to swell so much....But we came home and iced his lip and cheek...He seemed fine which was good...
The next day he was still pretty swollen and then the bruise started to appear...Just a big line down the side of his nose...I'm sure he hit it directly on something.....
Since I was taking pics of him, Kresee was really needing to be in 1:)

The swelling is much better this morning....And the bruise will probably be there for a few more days...But I'm just glad it all turned out OK....

In the 2 years he's attended SLP, we've never had one accident report (not a cut/scratch or anything)...I guess he needed to get in one good one before he starts KG !!

Tiny Dancer

I signed Kresee up for her 1st dance class last weekend. She is so excited and I have to admit I can't wait to see how she does. We've got her several little outfits for her ballet/tap combo class. I brought home tap shoes yesterday and she wanted to wear them all over the house. She gets started September 6th;)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Run , Run, Run

Saw this on FB a few weeks ago.

Made me smile. I honestly haven't been running a whole lot this summer. Have stuck to just 2 or 3 milers. I've been such a gym rat--obsessed with bootcamp and Zumba classes. I'm there everyday doing something;)
But Sunday I decided to try and run 5 miles. On the treadmill, of course, since it continues to be 110 outside everyday. It wasn't bad at all. In fact, I could have gone longer. But yesterday I ran 3 miles before Zumba and thought I was going to die--haha!!
But the 5 miler made me excited to get back on a running schedule now that school is starting back up. I'm ready to start training for our 2nd Half Marathon (White Rock) on December 4th. I'm ready to get some new shoes and get to running!!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Happy 77th Birthday to my wonderful Papa!

He loves rubbing Kohens head everytime he sees him. And in return let's Kohen mess his all up. Kresee runs away laughing because he always squeezes her ear lobes and asks her if she's got any earrings yet;)

Another exciting thing was that we found out this evening that my cousin is having a baby girl. She is due early January. So excited for Kimberlie and Justin.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Jump For Joy

We've only been to Jump for Joy once all summer! So we decided to stay indoors and meet our friends up there. Then we had a yummy lunch at Atlanta Bread;)

Kohen and Cameron

Jaylee and Kresee

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Summer Fun

Blue mustache from Maggie Moos and playing at the playground.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phone Pics

Kresee is really into playing baseball right now. I have a feeling once Kohen starts soccer back up she will be pulling her soccer ball back out.

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Monday, August 1, 2011


I went to the Gaylord the weekend before last with a group of fun girls for Crystal's birthday...I have never been to the Gaylord and was super excited to go...And getting out of town was great too!!....
We left at 10:00 that Saturday morning and ate lunch at yummy Chick-Fil-A....Then we went straight to the hotel...Check in wasn't until 3 but we called and they said we could have them hold our bags...So we headed to the pool around 1:00...We hung out all afternoon and had a great time visiting....
Leslie and I by the pool.... We didn't head up to our room until around 5:00...We immediately started getting ready for dinner....
Ashley and I before dinner....
Leslie and I waiting on our table at the Riverwalk Cantina.....We had a fun dinner and the food was great....We really didn't even walk around the hotel at all except to the pool and this restaurant....
After dinner we got a group shot of all 10 girls since we were missing 2 girls at the pool....
Then we did a silly pose:)...Crystal and her lips!
After dinner we headed to the Lobby where we went outside to wait on a shuttle for our 3 minute ride to the Glass Cactus...The shuttle ride there and back might have been my favorite part of the night--haha!...

Le Freak was playing and we had a blast....We actually went upstairs to the VIP area around 10:15...No one asked or bothered us...So it was way less crowded...Had our own bar and dance floor and plenty of space to sit when we weren't dancing....But we did do a lot of dancing.... This is before we headed back to the hotel...By now it's probably 1;30 in the morning....I think we officially were in bed by 2:30...So way past my bedtime:)

In all, it was a fabulous night with a great group of girls...So glad I was able to go...We were up and out of the hotel by 11 the next morning and headed over to Babe's Chicken...It was soooo good!!!....Thanks Crystal and I'm glad I got to celebrate with you:)