Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Week!

So I called today to schedule my induction. We will officially be having a baby next Thursday March 5th. I go in at 7:30 in the morning, which will be nice. Kohen can still sleep in his own bed and then we can get up like normal and just drop him off at Kerry's parents house. He will hang out over there until we say it's time to come on up. It's just nice knowing I'm on the schedule and no matter what I only have one week left:)
Don't get me wrong, I still don't want to have to be induced but I will not be sad when Kresee still doesn't come on her own and I am induced.
I did go walking last night for 35 minutes while pushing 27 lbs of kid in the stroller. Talk about a workout!! I think I had one long 35 minute contraction!! Seriously I think my belly was pretty tight a good majority of the time. Today I would walk again, but I don't feel like walking in the 90 degree weather and I get to go to a fun Ethics Training that last from 6-9:00. Talk about having fun and how bad is my butt going to hurt. I'm hoping it doesn't last the entire 3 hrs and I just might have to cut out of there early.
I will keep you posted though...Maybe something will happen over the weekend...If not, I go back to the doctor on Monday so he can tell me how much progress I did NOT make and then we will just hang around until Thursday!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

39 week Update: Not much too report....

Well I had my weekly doctor's appointment....So I knew nothing happened when I said "Give me some good news" and he just laughed at me!!....So I guess I can officially still say I'm just 1.5 cm and 60% effaced....Oh well...I'm honestly not too sad about it...Just thought I could at least say 2 cm, but not so much....I will call Thursday to schedule an induction for next week...I will be 40 weeks next Wednesday and at the rate I'm going, who knows if this baby will come on her own!!..The good thing is that he is on call this weekend....SO I have this whole week, weekend, and next week to go into labor on my own and know for sure I will have my own doctor...So that's very reassuring...And I'm sure by next week, I will just be so darn ready to meet this sweet baby girl....I still have hope for not being induced, but I will not be upset when I have to:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peter Pan:)

Kohen has dropped Star Wars (for now) and has moved on to Peter Pan. I mean he is obsessed. It kills me how mesmorized he can get and how his little imagination works. Yesterday was gorgeous outside, so we got the drumsticks (swords) and played Peter Pan and Captain Hook outside in the front yard.

"Are you ready to fight Mommy?"

"Ok here I come."


"I hit myself in the face with my sword Mommy."

"I'm gonna get you Captain Hook"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Too Precious!

So my very sweet neighbor was going to make me a painting with the letter "K" so I could hang it above Kresee's crib. She is so talented and I couldn't wait to see how it turned out. She brought it over last night and had also painted 2 picture frames!! I was sooo excited because I had yet to buy any cute frames. Mainly because I hadn't found any that I just really love. And these were just perfect. I can't wait to put pictures of my sweet baby girl in them:)

Thanks sooooo much Deatra!

38 Week Update

I just got back from the doctor and I was 1.5 cm and I don't know what % effaced. He never said and I never asked. He felt around (or should I say squished Kresee and I to death) and decided she was around 6 1/2 lbs!! Two weeks ago he was saying 5-5 1/2 lbs. So that was great:)
The sonogram looked good. He feels from that she is doing well and definately is in the 6 lb. range now. So all she has to do is bake a little longer and come out when she feels like it:)
He did ask if I wanted to go ahead and schedule an induction for next week because he likes to schedule them one week in advance. I said "Nope, I will just see you next Monday!"
Maybe next week or in 2 weeks on my March 2nd appt, I might think about being induced if I just don't think she will come on her own. And then I can guarantee that I actually get my own doctor and not one of the other 3 that are on call.
The good thing about that is that he is not on call this weekend (which I think I'm fine) and he is next weekend, the weekend before her due date. So if we make it through this weekend, I will feel better about going into labor I'm on my own. I'm still shooting for another few weeks though!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Treat:)

Kerry and I didn't do much of anything yesterday for Valentine's Day which was actually pretty nice. Kohen was in our room at 7:15 on the dot and jumped in bed with us. But he immediately wanted something to drink. As he was leaving our room he said "Mommy, do you want apple juice or anything?" Just melted my heart. I just love hearing the things that come out of his mouth. Of course, I know he can only open our refridgerator so I got up to to go and help him with his drink. He immediately spotted the heart cookies and wanted those instead. So I promised him I would make them later.
He did go and get our V-Day cards. Kerry had bought me some beautiful tulips on Friday but we hadn't exchanged cards yet. Kerry must have handed them to him to bring to me (because I was back laying down in bed). He was so excited to tell me that mine was the white one and he and Daddy had red ones that matched. So we opened our cards and hung out for a little while. Kerry's goal this weekend was to get the hardwood floors installed in the upstairs room so it was just Kohen and I for the morning and most of the afternoon. I did have a V-Day brunch with some other mommies at 10:30 so that was a very nice meal and very yummy. Kohen hung out at my mom's while I was there.
Afterwards, Kohen and I came home and took a very short nap. I was soooooo desperately wanting a nap because I was just worn out. I had a really rough week at work and knew my body just needed to relax and take it easy. But go figure, Kohen took a 50 minute nap and for me that was about 25 mins long since it took me awhile to doze off. He is really liking Peter Pan right now. So his babysitter let him borrow it (VCR tape) and we only have a VCR hooked up in the living room. So I grabbed my pillow and blanket and rested on the couch while he played with his pirates and pirate ship and watched the movie.
Later on, once Kerry decided his back was killing him and he needed a break. We all got ready so we could run up to the hospital and let Kohen meet baby Jack. But in the meantime, Kohen got mad about something and said "Mommy, I'm very mad and I'm serious" I couldn't help but laugh since I've never heard him say the word serious. But he got over it quickly and we stopped by for about 15 mins to let him look at Baby Jack.
We then headed on over to Sevi's Burritos for our very romantic V-Day dinner. It was sooo good though and I got a small burrito and definately could have inhaled a large. We got to listen to Kohen talk way too loud about everything and I'm sure interrupt the whole 2 other couples in there eating. At one point, the waitress walked by and Kohen kept saying very loudly "Ohhh, someone tooted...Who tooted....Its stinks!!"...We are laughing and trying to get him to basically shut-up.
At last, we got home and made his new favorite cookies now. He was happy after that and then Kohen and Kerry topped off their V-Day with a lovely Star Wars movie (I swear!!). Kohen got to watch about 15 mins of it and who knows how long Kerry was up watching it because I was definately asleep:)

So right now, Kohen is again in the living room watching Peter Pan as I post this. Kerry is upstairs working on the wood floor (which will not be done by today!!!). I will post a picture of that later. And I will continue to do laundry and pick up like I normally do on Sunday afternoons. AND I do hope to get a nap in today!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Naked Boy

Kohen was cracking us up the other night. I was in the study on the computer and Kerry was in our bedroom. Kohen would run back and forth to each of us telling us different things. But each time he wanted a different article of clothing removed to make his daddy laugh. So he would come to me and I would take his socks or pants or shirt off. I really made Kerry nervous and Kohen thought it was the best when I stripped off his diaper and he was running around naked. So I snapped a picture of him and Kohen of course wanted me to take more pictures of him. SO our picture on our heading is of him bending over looking through his legs without you having to see everything! I do have one of those though and he is going to DIE someday when he is older and we show it to him.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aboussie Baby:)

Katie and Jimmy are at the hospital right now. Hopefully sometime tonight, Jack will make his big debut...Check her blog for the lastest updates!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

37 week Appt

So today I FINALLY got some answers about my sonogram from last Thursday. I called actually at 8:45 this morning and didn't get a phone call back until 12:45!! But basically they never got the report from radiology. When I did get there at 3:10 today, they had just received the report and Dr. Lamar hadn't even had a chance to read it.
Anyways, it was a long appointment. I did get "checked" and was a good 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced, so that's a good start. He felt everything looked good on my sonogram. I questioned her heart and organs and amniotic fluid. He said all those things were fine. I asked about lung maturity and he said that it doesn't correlate with her size. That at 36-37 weeks, lung maturity is good so that was a relief. According to the sono she is 5 lbs 5 oz (not 5.3) and she is in the 12th%. He said that is low but not horribly low. That they aren't too concerned until they drop in the 10th%. He said she might pop out and be a good 6 lbs anyways. That those measurements aren't completely accurate. And no matter what, whether she is 5 lbs something or 6 lbs something, that is still good. He said there aren't any factors that say "Hey let's get her out of there" because I am just turning 37 weeksand she would be pre-term. He said next week when I'm approaching 38 weeks, I will then be considered full term and we will take it day by day and if he feels the need to induce me, he will. So that was a little scary. I'm still shooting for at least another 3 weeks!! The sonograms can be off give or take 2 weeks because of all the measurements. I am just considered 13 days past my due date but still fall in that 2 week window. He went ahead and hooked me up to a fetal monitor to measure her heartrate and looked at the spikes (when she moves--her heartrate should go up). All of that looked great. He said a compromised baby is not able to have those spikes so that was good. He said I really need to start monitoring her movements and activity level and to let him know if I feel concerned at all. That I can run up there at any time to be hooked up to that monitor again to make sure she is fine.
I go back on Monday and he will do another sonogram to remeasure everything. The only thing he is really concerned about this week is her head to belly size. They should be comparable and they aren't right now. Her belly is small compared to her head. Something about all the blood going to her head to get to her brain and I guess the belly can fall behind in size if it's having to work harder. SO basically at the sonogram next week , when comparing to this 1st sonogram (1 1/2 weeks earlier), if she hasn't gained any weight and her head/belly measurements are still off he might be more apt to just induce me and get her out because I will then be 38 weeks and full term. But he said we will just see how she looks next week and go from there......

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maggie Moo's

So we were very excited on Thursday because Maggie Moo's finally opened! I, being a pregnant girl, couldn't wait. And I was not going to be happy if it was after I had Kresee because I then didn't have a good reason to want ice cream often. And I wasn't able to eat ice cream or drink milk for a year!! while I was nursing Kohen because it tore his little belly up. So I was glad they opened and that I will be able to eat it some before Kresee gets here in case we have the same problem with her. I'm thinking I might need an early ice cream birthday cake too:)

The bad thing is that it is kind of (well just flat out) expensive. We spent almost $13 on Kohen a kid's cup, me a medium cup, and Kerry a large. No they weren't like huge portions nor did we get anything special. So luckily we all love Braum's and Maggie Moo's will just have to be a treat every once in awhile.

Kohen looooved his blue ice cream. He had a very difficult time choosing between blue (cotton candy), yellow (marshmellow) and pink (strawberry). He was obviously drawn to the bright colors. In the end as you can see he got lovely (completely nasty) cotton candy with sprinkles.

And the next day on Friday, he talked my mom into going back with him to get that
"bue ice team wid pintals."

UPDATE: And for those of you wondering how my sonogram went. I really don't have much to tell and that's why I hadn't posted. We went Thursday and basically she is measuring small. I was hoping that I was just measuring small and that she was still right on target, but that's not the case. She was around 5lbs 3ozs, her heartrate was 148 bpm, and most of her measurements if we averaged them out were 34 weeks instead of 36 weeks. Our worry, of course, is that at our 28 week sonogram she was actually measuring 5 days ahead of her March 4th due date and everything on Thursday kept saying March 17th and sometimes later than that.
So I called on Friday at lunch (giving the doctor and nurses enough time to call me). But they didn't and unfortunately when I called both his nurses had left for day and it made me very angry. This was important to me, but everyone keeps saying "No news is probably good news."
So I will be calling 1st thing tomorrow morning to see what the nurses say and then I do have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and will get to ask questions and get his input on where we go from here or if we even do anything. She just might be a small baby?? And I hope that's the case. I am OK with that as long as her little heart and organs are all working fine and that her lungs are mature, etc. I just continue to pray that she bakes as long as she likes!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"It's Just Big!!"

So I'm going through everyone's blogs (like I do everyday!)...My mom comes over on Tuesdays and she is in there giving wild child Kohen a bath....He just stood up and grabs himself and says "It's big"...So my mom's thinking he needs to potty...."Oh, do you need to go peepee?"

"No Grammie, (holding and pulling himself) It's just BIG!!"

Lordy, I swear it really starts waaaaaay too young:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

36 Update (Sort of)

Well I had my 36 week appointment today.
I got there and the receptionist was like "Hold on a second"
She calls to the nurses station "Is Dr. Lamar back yet?"
"Well he's either wait or see the Nurse Practioner"
"How long has he been gone?" I asked
Another receptionist chimes in "Like only 10 minutes"
"OK well then I will see the Nurse Practitioner"

So I go back immediately. His nurse is weighing me and I asked how long has been gone. She said for awhile now. I said well then why did they tell me 10 minutes. She laughed and said she wasn't quite sure on the time, but definately knew it was more than 10 minutes! So then I'm annoyed. But what do you do.

So she comes in and measures me. "Great---you are 33 cm"...I said well that's not great considering I'm 36 weeks and he said if I got to be more than 2 cm behind....So she measured me again---still 33 cm...Again, what do you do b/c he isn't around....Kresee's heartbeat sounded good...In the 130's was all she said...Then I had to do the Group B Strep Test and she did go ahead and check me which was pretty pointless considering she didn't give me any numbers to go off of...Said Kresee was definately head down and that I was soft and thinning but my cervix still felt closed to her....So I guess I will wait until next week to post on my exact progress....

I get dressed and Kerry opens the door and Dr. Lamar is like "Hey, did she get you taken care of?" So now I'm more annoyed! He comes in and I'm like well great, I'm so glad you are already back. I would have waited the 15 minutes if I would have known he was coming that soon. So Kerry and him talked about the new hospital and yadda yadda...I finally commented that I needed to ask him something....I mentioned the 3 cm thing and he said OK...So he went and got my chart--came back and measured me--33 cm....So I sat up and he said "Sorry lay back down again"....Still 33 cm (only 4 measurements!!) and he felt and pushed on her...Said he thinks she is a good 5 lbs...Maybe 5 1/2 lbs....He doesn't feel anything is wrong but that she just might be a small baby and she is still completely healthy, BUT he feels like he should order another sonogram because 3 cm is his cut-off...So basically I go back this Thursday for another sonogram to make sure she is still growing and that everything else looks good...It will definately give us a good picture on her size and how much she weighs so that will be a good thing.....

Other than that, not much else happened....We did talk about when she does arrive..I said I wanted to hold out as long as possible and I know he lets you go up to 42 weeks...I don't think I will be pregnant until 42 weeks....He said he's good until March 11th and then he will be going out of town for several days!!...We will see though...

I will update on Thursday after my sonogram