Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Big Girl:)

Our Olympic Skiier

Kohen LOVES watching the Olympics....So last night, he won a gold medal in his skiing competition (with himself)....He has quite the imagination and so the use of his 3 light sabers and baseball bat was pretty clever:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mother's Night

Last night was Mother's Night at Kohen's preschool.....All the mommies got to go to school with their kiddos and play in different centers and really any activity that they wanted to do in their classroom....We played on the computer, played in the creepy crawly sensory table, made a necklace, cut and colored, drew on the dry erase board, played with marbles, played with animals, etc....We did a lot:)....Then we got to have circle time....And Mrs. Maxwell let everyone know that we were going to play Kohen's favorite game....She holds up a card with a child's name on it, they have to recognize the name, and if it's their name she says "stand up, turn around, come get your name, sit back down"....Kohen did get pretty darn excited when his name appeared...We then read a book and had snack time and ended the night!....Like he did with Daddy's night they draw a picture of Mommy and write things about her....Here were mine:

Her name is Kendra.

She is 7.

Her favorite color is green.

I don't know where she works at. She do stuff there.

She likes to eat pizza and hamburger.

She likes to drink Dr. Pepper.

Her favorite TV show is Imagination Movers.

She likes to go out to eat at meetings.

Her favorite thing in the whole world is to play and reading books.

She likes to watch and play Star Wars with me.
Here is his lovely drawing of me........
Here is his interpretation of his name....
Puppy dog hats...........

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Denial

Kohen is in denial that Kresee's 1st birthday is quickly approaching....He just doesn't grasp the concept that YES, eventhough he is older, her birthday just happens to be first...It doesn't help that then mine follows, then big papa's, then my dad's, then my sister's, then Kerry's, and then his!!!...So I promised him we were saving the best birthday for last (haha).....

Anyways last night he started singing Happy Birthday as I was lotioning him up after his shower....And I would insert Kresee's name each time...So he decided to play along and name anything he could think of besides Kresee...."Happy Birthday to the lightbulb, Happy Birthday to the cabinet, Happy Birthday to the carwash, Happy Birthday to the counter".....It was pretty funny....He sure loves his baby sister though, so I bet come March 5th he will be happy about her big 1st birthday!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Faces:)

We had a very lazy weekend....It was nice...Hanging out with the kids at home with absolutely no plans...I did have a little ladies brunch on Saturday morning, but other than that--nothing:)....I'm telling you these chairs are the best purchase....They are sitting in each other's chairs but they love them....Kohen was just watching some TV and Kresee wanted to join him...
Kohen drank some blue gatorade.....

Some from yesterday---Yes, she lives in her PJ's...Seriously, she goes to bed in a pair and I send her to the babysitter in them....She WILL NOT leave shoes or socks on...So instead of her little feet being cold all day in this fun weather, she wears PJ's:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


She loves climbing up and down everything...She really loves sitting on this red car backwards...But the other day I caught her hanging out like this:)...What a goofball!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silly Geese

I finally got Kohen a booster seat last Friday...We ran to Target to get Kresee more diapers and Kohen and I picked him one out...He has been asking for a big boy seat for quite awhile now...And I figured Kresee was big enough now to fit into his old one and we could get him a new booster seat....These were taken this weekend...She loves crawling in and out of the thing....She just wanted to sit it in...And then he wanted to sit in his (on top of giving his new seat kisses)....So they just sat:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Warming Up

I was ordering something online tonight when Kohen pulled out my yoga mat....And I just decided to get on the blog and type up right then some of things he was telling me because he just cracks me up and I snapped some pictures of him of course:)....

Do you not want me to get warmed up when I play football when I'm a kid?

I get warmed up at night-time

I'm practicing football

I'm getting ready to play football when I'm a kid

I have 5 more minutes and then I will be done huh-huh-huh (he is panting heavily like he is really worn out)

I got to hurry up when I play football

What is this called? (A sit-up) Oh yea, I have to do some sit-ups...

I have to get one more push-up

OK, my work is done....I'm all warmed up....
And then he leaves the room and talks Kerry into turning on the Grammy's that we have DVR'd so he can watch and sing "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night"....Then we were off to bed...I read him a book and was trying to talk to him and he says "Mommy, I'm going to sleep now"....I guess he really did work out hard:)

14th on the 14th

Kerry and I celebrated our 14th Valentine's Day together yesterday....I know it's crazy knowing we've been together that long!!....But we had a great day....We hung out in our PJ's all morning long....He went and got Southern Maid donuts for breakfast....We went to his parent's like we do every Sunday to let the kiddos play....He and I then went to the gym and came home to get ready for dinner....We went out to my dad's house to have dinner....We didn't take the kids and just enjoyed eating our meal without worrying about feeding them at the same time....My dad and his girlfriend are both great cooks---she made manicotti and had Olive Garden salad and breadsticks and then we had chocolate velvet cake from Margies....Oh my, it was all soooo good.....
Kohen is still loving to take pictures so he snapped several of us:)....He is pretty good!
Except when he cuts the top of our head off (haha).....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Little Man

Hanging out....Had my camera...So I took some of Kohen and I being silly....

And then he wanted to take a picture of me...One REALLY close up and then this one, which was close but better than the other....
Then he took plenty of Kresee playing in the room.....

Baby Jack

Baby Jack (his name in our house) turned ONE!!....I can't believe it's already here which means Kresee will be 1 in a matter of 3 weeks....These 2 are exactly 3 weeks apart....I went and looked back of some of the pictures I took of them early on...It's crazy to see how much they have changed--especially the hair....I still think Kresee doesn't have much and then I realize how much more she does have now....And Jack for sure has a lot more hair now!

Kresee Leigh is just 1 week old here and Jack was 1 month old.....How sweet are they??
This is when they went to visit Mr. Cash for the first time...Talk about getting hair---that Cash has some wild hair:)....

Here they are with another baby girl, Jaylee, who is one month younger than Kresee.....

Eating dinner at Jack's house while hanging out in the bumbos....

And then at his 1st birthday party!!!....We had a great time....I ate way too much of Katie's lasagna (it was super good).....
Jack is already trying to hold her hand:)...Look how crazy long he is compared to our short-stuff.

And you will have to look at the Aboussie's blog to see some of Mr. Jack and his cake:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smart Boy

We were eating dinner last night with my mom....And Kohen informed us about choking on your food.....
"You can't talk while you are eating your food because you will choke. You have 2 holes---one for your food and one for your air. If you talk they can get criss-crossed and your food goes into your air hole and that's how you get choked"
I was pretty impressed with how much he knew and asked him where he learned that and he said school...His teacher wasn't the one who told him about it, so I'm assuming maybe one of the aides who eats lunch with him?...Either way it was cute and I think he is super smart (haha)!!

It's going to be Mother's Night at his school very soon....Just like Father's Night they do different projects and ask different questions about their mommies.....
On the way home from school on Monday, he randomly asked me "Mommy, what is your favorite color?"...I said blue and he immediately got sooooo sad and drooped his head and I thought he was going to cry...I asked him why he was so upset...."I forgot something"....Well what did you forget?....."I forgot your favorite color was blue, I told them it was green!!"....So I promised him that I really like green too....Poor guy....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

11 Months!!

Kresee Leigh turned 11 mos old yesterday...Can't believe we are officially counting down to her 1st birthday!!
This was the closet thing I got to making her sit in her chair WITH her 11 month sign...She would much rather eat the paper.....

She has started standing by herself (no hands)---but not all the time quite yet.....

Can almost stand up without pulling up on anything....gets about 3/4 of the way up and then just sits back done.....

Loves waving hi and bye (and saying it at the same time)
Loves pointing her fingers at the dogs and telling them what for.....

Has yet to take that first step....Maybe it will happen this month??

Still on 2 bottom teeth, but the 2 top are both sitting right there under her gum

Loves being silly by shaking her head "no" and laughing

Loves for you to say "I'm gonna getcha" while she is crawling and she hits the deck and laughs hysterically

Not only blows you kisses, but now gives the big open mouth with tongue ones too

Signs: more, all done and milk

Understanding a lot more like "Where's your baby" "Where's the ball" "Blow me a kiss" etc...

Still sleeps like a pro but Kerry and I had the convo the other day wondering when she will start being difficult to put to bed or wake up in the middle of the night....Kohen hit that phase at about 18 months...

Dada is her word for everything---says it for daddy, sometimes I'm dada, Kohen is dada, the dogs are dada...But she can say mama, hi/hey/ byebye and then lots of other jargon:)

Is getting some more hair, but in no need of a haircut quite yet

Weighing in right at 19 lbs....She was 18.14 at the doctor last week down from 19.4 at her 9 mos check-up....
Has now had 2 ear infections and 2 colds which caused those ear infections

Still really likes her milk---I have cut back to only 4 feedings a day but she just doesn't love food food very much...For me at least....She seems to eat great at Mimi's house during the day.....

Loves brushing her hair and talking on the phone

Tries putting on shoes...but instead of putting the shoe on her foot, she tries to put her foot in the shoe....its pretty hilarious to watch her

Is the best medicine taker ever!!!....Kohen was AWFUL so Kerry and I have very, very bad memories of getting Kohen to take medicine...I hope that continues

Loves to pat you
Loves her baby

Loves walking around pushing her baby in the stroller

Loves climbing the stairs

Still loves all of Kohen's toy's way more than hers.....
But yet she has all this to play with....
LOVES LICKING the darn knob thingy on our coffee table corners....So weird:)

I guess that is enough of her for now....I will have to post about my little photographer....Kohen just loves my camera and would much rather be taking the pictures than getting his picture taken:)