Saturday, February 23, 2013

Basketball Season

Today was the last game for the Bulls this season...We pulled out a 30-13 win and ended up 7-1 for the season...What a great season these boys had since they were 2-6 last year...Same group of boys, but man they all made so much progress...It was really fun watching them...Kohen did so well this season..He wasn't as intimidated and was definitely more confident and aggressive...He got another basket today and so he had several on the season...He is really enjoying basketball and I hope we are able to get him into a summer league this summer...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miracles do Happen

Kohen decided he really was ready to learn how to ride his bicycle..This is something the kid has never been interested in...I kept telling him most kids know how by his age and how I learned at 4 but he still never cared...On Sunday evening, he and Kerry had tried a little bit before it got dark...And again yesterday with not much daylight, he attempted it for about 30-45 minutes...I told Kerry he definitely had it....We didn't get behind him..We just kept letting him ride around in the cul-de-sac....But today when we got home from school, he got right on that bike and took off and he's been riding around like no problem...I'm just glad he finally cared enough to want to ride a bike...So I'm ready for plenty of bikes rides this summer and then around our neighborhood this spring...

 And Kresee isn't so bad on her new bike lately either:)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

15 years!!

Today we celebrated Hunter's 15th Birthday!!!....I honestly can't believe it....Who would have thought he would have outlived Sage and Biskit by a few years and here he is still trucking along...We had a mass removed back in January and Dr. Tammen said his bloodwork looks great...You wouldn't even know he is such an old man by looking at it:)....He is hard of hearing but still sees fine...He gets a little pep in his step every once in awhile but most of his days are lying around in his favorite spots...So much that I check on him often to make sure he is still breathing...He is a little stiff when he gets up to walk around but does pretty well....He has been around since Kerry got him for me my senior year of high school when he was just a little 8 week old puppy...He was so stinking cute...He still is a great looking dog...We love you Hunter and happy birthday sweet boy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

The perks of being at Kohen's school is getting to go and help out at the parties...So Valentine's was today and I got to spend some time with his friends and other moms...The kids are always crazy and out of control but they had a great time...Valentine's was always my favorite holiday at school b/c I loved opening all of them from my friends...We did a kool-aid packet and put a little saying "You're a kool friend. Love, Kohen" They were easy and turned out cute...Kresee had quite a bit to open in her valentine's box from her friends as well...
That night the kids picked Buffalo Wild Wings for their dinner with Kerry and I...We love eating there and we had a nice family dinner:)
Kresee's sweet card...She loves to write:)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bulls vs Hot Shots

Today was a fun game for the boys because all 5 of them are in the same 1st grade class:)...They have a great group of boys and I love Kohen having great friends...

 Jude also plays on the team and Ronnie was their coach...Kohen and Jude loved getting to guard each other in the 4th quarter...They were hilarious and did a great job!!

Basketball season is ending soon and then onto soccer....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

1st Grade Program

Tonight was Kohen's 1st grade program...I got a sneak peak at the 2:30 school wide performance this afternoon but enjoyed watching it a 2nd time around this evening (and didn't have to worry about taking any pictures and just enjoyed the show)...He did so good and even had a speaking part...He was the 1st to raise his hand when the music teacher asked who wanted a speaking part...Something Kerry and I are definitely happy about since there is no way I would have wanted to do that...He is shy at times but then really surprises us...We worked on his lines a little bit but the little stinker has such a great memory he would get annoyed at me "Moooom, I already know the words!!"...

Saturday, February 2, 2013


The Bulls played a great game this morning winning 19-14...It was an exciting one and Kohen continues to do well...I love seeing him more confident with each game:)