Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

I ran over to the Red Door to catch the kiddos singing Halloween songs. I thought I took more pictures but I guess I videoed all her songs she sang instead. They were all super cute.
 I helped with Kohen's Halloween party as well. They were all very wound up and looked great in their costumes.

 Mrs. Montemayor's whole class picture

 We ran over to TT's house after school and she painted the kids faces. Kohen lost his mask so he picked this out for his face. He thought he looked super cool.

Our neighborhood is really terrible for trick-or-treating. I didn't want to do it last year but got talked into it and it was awful. There are hardly any houses that participate. So luckily we got invited to go to some friends. We had a cookout before it got dark and all the kids had a great time playing.  

 Then we headed over to another house so all the kids could hop on the hayride. They got to ride around and go door to door. They loved it and we had so much fun. We only went up and back down another street. But got plenty of candy and then it was time to go to bed. We do have school tomorrow!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby Chicks

Grandpa Randy just had some baby chicks hatch...They are only a couple of days old so the kids were dying to go out there and see them....They were pretty cute....There were some that were a few weeks old and Kresee wouldn't have anything to do with them since they were a bit livelier:)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party

Our friends had a Halloween pumpkin carving contest last night...The kids both got started and then everyone took off....So I was left carving our pumpkin....By the way, I don't like carving pumpkins and was a bit annoyed that I was by myself to basically do the entire thing! Haha....There were prizes for top 3 kids pumpkins and the top 3 adult pumpkins...Obviously I didn't win:)...We had a great time and stayed late visiting with all the parents...The kids had a blast!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kresee playing hard

I took some pictures of the girls this morning so that I could get team pictures made. Kresee was showing everyone how to stand with the ball like she was a professional. Haha

 We are winding up the season. Only a couple more games to go.
 She loves when her family comes to watch her play. I think that matters more than the game itself!

Baseball and some Rugby

 Kohen is doing well in baseball. He is really enjoying this season and hitting well.
He is obsessed with Rugby still and they had a game right after his so I promised him I would take him over there to be ball boy for the game. Several guys got injured; two went to the hospital. I reminded him that he will never every play Rugby. Haha

Friday, October 25, 2013


Red will lay on anything and fall asleep. Heck he can fall asleep standing up if you let him rest his head in your palm. It was too cute not to take a picture of him.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Franklin Fall Festival

Tonight was Franklin's Fall Festival....They had lots of activities....Kohen did this soccer kick with the MSU players several times...
 Kresee loved the musical chair games
 They hit plenty of golf balls way off target

 Hay ride time with Grammie
 And if it weren't busy enough, we had our first basketball practice till 9:00 tonight! The kids should sleep well but we are excited to get basketball going:)

Twin Day

Today was Twin Day at school so Zayden and Kohen pulled out their old basketball uniforms. Too cute!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SLP Fall Festival

Today was Kresee's Fall Festival. She was so excited to finally wear her mermaid costume to school. TT painted her face and it looked great! It was a pretty evening and I can't believe this is our last parade at SLP:)

Red Man

Red's favorite thing to do is get into Kresee's toy box....He knows exactly where it is and will reach up there grab whatever he can find....End result is usually a dead stuffed animal he has torn up:)....He thinks we don't know whose doing all this!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

HUNTER: Feb 16, 1998--Oct 18, 2013

Well I put off blogging for a long time when my papa passed away....I finally got a little caught up and then sweet Hunter decided to cross the Rainbow Bridge and it's just been difficult...My Hunter was 15 years 8 months and 2 days old---what a great, long life he lived. Kerry picked him up for me out of the back of some pickup truck in the parking lot at Target our senior year of high school. We were walking in and this man had all these puppies. Hunter was the one I grabbed and held for a minute then we went on inside. Kerry went home and asked my mom if he could get me a puppy (they both knew I had been wanting a new dog since my previous rescue only lived a year b/c of health issues). She said sure if its a girl and blue eyes Well he came home with Hunter and he had blue eyes for only a little while:) So to say this dog has been with me for most of my entire life is the honest truth. Hunter was with me when I graduated high school, when I got married, when I went to OU and then later graduated from there, when we moved back home, built a new home, when I had my first professional job, when we had Kohen and then later Kresee.....the list could go on and on. He's been there for 15 Christmases and so this is going to not be a very fun holiday season for us:(. The only thing I can think of is that he is with Biskit and Sage running around pain free and he's happy.
We made the hard decision to put him to sleep on Friday. He had been losing weight but I hadn't really realized how much until we weighed him on Thursday night. He was having a harder time getting around. He was still eating and drinking fine but his balance was off and he paced and paced knowing if he slowed down it would be too hard to get going again. You can see on the pics he just dragged his back feet, so much his nails were down to the quick and they wouldn't stop bleeding. I just bought these dog wrappers for his feet to help and they did. They were rubber and helped his traction too. But on Thursday I knew it was pretty much time to say goodbye. Kerry wasn't quite there yet but after spending some time with him Friday at lunch, he agreed. Luckily we have the best vet and she came over to our house and we said goodbye around 6:00 pm as he laid in his favorite bed.
 I was thankful I got to spend about 5 hours with him just like this. We hung out in my bedroom floor and I just petted him all afternoon. He was very calm and relaxed.

 I had to run outside to check on Kerry. It was raining and very cold. Kerry spent hours digging the hole behind our house for Hunter. Something my papa always did for us with his backhoe. So that was hard knowing he wasn't around anymore either. When I came back inside Hunter was in his bed curled up and we left him like this until the vet came. We love you so much Hunter. You were a great dog!

Did you know Hunter was kinda famous on Facebook. I would call it going viral in my standards:) I posted this back on August 25th after a rough night with him. Kerry was so good getting up letting him out 3 or 4 times a night if he needed it. I woke up the next morning and just typed what was on my heart. It was about him but also knowing how many people just quit on their animal when it gets tough. I knew we would never quit and we would love him to the very end. This was the picture I posted of him along with my post.
"Even though my patience runs thin some days, I have to remember I made a promise to him 15.5 years ago. I promised to love him his whole life; till the very end even if that means Kerry and I feel like we have a newborn baby to take care of... all night. I love him even when he pees puddles in my kitchen bc he doesn't realize he's not outside. I love him when he poops on the way to the back door because he can't hold it. Love is when I hold the water bowl for him because his body won't let him reach down to drink without falling over. Love is forever; till the last minute. You don't get to break your promise when you have a baby or when you move houses. It's not when they get big and aren't a cute puppy anymore. It's not when they chew up your shoes or dig holes in your backyard. It's not when they aren't potty trained as quickly as you like. Or when they jump all over people because you haven't trained them. It's not when they get to be 10 years old and you're tired of them or when they get sick and you don't want to pay the vet. Or when you aren't a responsible owner and they get heart worms and you don't want to pay for the treatments. Or because they weren't spayed you don't want to deal with a litter of puppies. I know the list can go on and on (especially those who work at the HS and City of Animal Services). I'm sure they've heard every excuse out there. Just remember when you get that puppy or kitten, you've made a promise. You promise to love them their whole life because they will love you completely till the end."
I wish I knew how many people ended up 'viewing' this post. I know that number would be crazy high. But from what I can tell, this post was shared 16,300 times!!!! Isn't that wild and crazy:). Makes me so happy that it reached and touched sooooo many people. I didn't realize this until days later. I don't write a post and then keep checking to see how many "likes" I get. I kept getting lots of friend requests from all these people that I didn't know. My sister called me too and said that a friend of hers had seen my post pasted in an email over 5 times through different animal rescues. So a little weary but I accepted a few requests and one lady quickly responded letting me know how much my post touched her and how many times she's seen it. She was the first one that said viral status. So Kerry and I went back and saw it had been shared 11,000 times and by the end of the day another 1,000. It was so funny to watch that number rise....but the last time I checked was over 16,000. So glad Hunter became a little famous before he passed away. It makes my heart happy.