Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July

We spent the weekend at Possum Kingdom for the 4th of July like we do every year. It's probably the kids favorite weekend of the summer. We have a great view of Hell's Gate off to our left and it's nice watching all the crowd on the water.
Red is really enjoying the lake much more this year than last year because now he can actually see everything. It's also much less stressful on Kerry and I. It was hard making sure he didn't fall over all the rocks and little drop-offs last year. He loves snoozing at the lake and playing with the puppies. We never thought Red would be the one to entertain the two girls all the time. Ellie and Sugar don't want anything to do with the pups .

On Friday, I attempted the cute star braid I kept seeing on Facebook. It didn't turn out too bad and Kresee loved it so that's all that counts....haha
We drove in the pontoon over to Sandy Beach. The lake is crazy low and so it was hard maneuvering around all the tree stumps to find a spot to park the boat. I managed to get a picture of the 4 of us before the kids took off to play!

All the cousins for 2014. Lexie (3), Kresee (5), Kenzie (5), Jaxson (9) and Kohen (8)

Kresee loved her patriotic bikini this year!
She loves to hunt for shells more than anything!
And cover herself with sand
Kohen and Jaxson just dig and run and race
Kohen drove the boat most of the way back home...he did a pretty good job!

What I was doing as much as I could: watching the World Cup Semi Final games...Ellie, Red and Sugar were usually squished in the chair with me.
On Saturday, we headed over to Hell's Gate. Kresee wasn't liking the dock rocking so much from all the boat traffic while we loaded up.
Two labs: Dot Dot and Nacho befriended the boys and they played ball with those dogs for a couple of hours. I think the dogs lived a few houses down from where we anchored and loved playing with anyone that was willing.

Kresee and Kenzie swam over to the shore like the boys and they collected more shells than they could handle.
She did end up floating in the water some with Kerry
She wanted me to take a picture of her in her new 4th of July outfit that Grammie got her.
On Sunday, Maw and Papa did take all the kids out tubing and knee boarding. I didn't go so I didn't get any pictures. But I was determined to get one of all of us and the 4 dogs before we headed back home. Not too bad:)

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